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Forever Yours

Been a while, I know, I know.

Which raises the first of very very many things I need to be catching up on if I care to continue this particular journal: journal permanency.

That other place where a journalist is respected as no more than an odiot: you can't relax, do a stay in a hospital, get too involved in a project at work, have a baby, veg out a while, get the least bit distracted, go on an extended vacation, or do anything at all that takes you off their leash for too long, or else they delete everything you had there (unless you pay their excessive ransom costs to get back a right they never should have taken from you in the first place). Never mind that lots of the sorts of things that might have had you out on break are exactly the sort of things one might frequently want to be journalling about. As with so much everything else there, your journal or your readers or the value your writing might bring to their enterprise isn't the issue: you write when they want you to write, or else you get dumped. It's even a "rule," as though one needs to set up rules in order to mismanage things so poorly as they do. Times were way back when, they'd at least archive your journal; but when it became obvious to them that handling large volume was beyond the odgods' very limited programming abilities, they chose the easy way out, complete with silly excuses for their disrespect of their writers.

Here at LiveJournal, once you set up a journal, it's yours as long as you want, even for a free account. You yourself still have the choice to selete and purge it, yes. But if you don't delete, then you can be away for business or pleasure as long as you please, and your livejournal will be waiting for you here when you return. It's a small way of showing respect for the community's writers, perhaps, but it's a very important one, for its symbol of the value LiveJournal places in its content, for its nod to the strong database expertise of LiveJournal developers, and for its practical value to each and every livejournalist.
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