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Closed Case: Live

LiveJournal is a far superior Internet journal service and community, compared to the one I left to come here!

Those who are with me here, try this experiment out every way you know how, from both sides:

  1. First, any thing you could have done over at that other Internet journal site, duplicate it here. For virtually everything, you'll find that extremely easy to accomplish; indeed, LiveJournal gives you tools to do so more easily than you could have done back there at that other site! For the very very very few marginal things that might not be exactly subject to full duplication here (one thinks of the circles or the themes, for instance), LiveJournal has alternatives that are much better (for example, community journals); so why bother to duplicate an inferior feature?

  2. Now, take every LiveJournal feature and capability and attempt to duplicate the effect and results over at that other Internet journal site. Can't be done, even with some of the most basic and useful features!!

I can attest to this about as well as anybody might. Back at that other website, I did every thing that could possibly be done, and then some. While their policestate-minded masters were doing everything in their power to turn back the progress of the Internet by banning images and hypertext links, I had all of that and more. I used every single feature to its fullest and beyond. Even to this day, as I continue to pull down the numerous journals I had at that site, some of the last remaining ones still stretch beyond what they wanted a cyber-journalist to have the freedom to do.

And here at LiveJournal, as much a newbie as I still am at this point, I've also quickly stretched out and made myself at home, well enough to be able to speak with some degree of experience about what is and what isn't.

LiveJournal quite definitely is!! That other site not only isn't, but continues to run blindly in the other direction away from what a serious cyberjournalist needs, wants, and deserves!

My first entries here, then, will simply be an unabashed testimonial to LiveJournal, pitched for those who might be coming here from there, that other place, those who were imprisoned there will know. Then, to point out a few things that might make those emigrants feel a bit more at home here, kinda like how Microsoft Word includes help for WordPerfect users who want to convert. Eventually, some of what I have on my mind to unleash here might be of value to almost anyone, even if you've not come here from that other pretender of a website, since part of my point has to do with making the most of what LiveJournal has to offer, and that theme has tips and advice and stuff in it that might have a broader appeal, maybe.

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